August 28th, 2010

"Life Changing"

 Its been 9 days since the bite and the swelling has gone down in my leg but its still not back to normal. The scratches are gone but 2 teeth marks remain…The car runs well but I keep checking it thinking its leaking again. Just a little paranoia there. Willie is reluctantly taking his meds. It makes him listless but calm. There is a noticeable difference. That’s the only side affect. He is definitely not the same cat. Last week was absolutely the worst week I’ve had in a very long time. It was life changing. Here I was in this almost perfect little world thinking I was in control. What an illusion. What a rude awakening. Its going to take a long time to get over what happened. The injures are healing but the poor me’s are lingering. In the past life goes on. It was a welcome to reality spot check all over again. We all have them. Some more painful than others ….What happened last week means I have to accept these things without to much complaining. There is no way I can stop what will happen in the future. I can only slow it down a bit. Today I’m heading for the bike trails for the first time in a week. I really need to do this. Its not just a go for a ride. I need to go for a ride…. Later guys….
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