August 26th, 2010

“Its Only a Cat”. Mary Bale

One of the good things that happened yesterday besides getting my car back was what someone said to me…On the way home I thought I would be nice to myself and stop for a grinder. In my town we have a grinder shop that you can get something to eat and sit outside on a veranda by the ocean. I was telling this beautiful young girl behind the counter what I wanted and I asked her if she was local? Yes, she replied, smiling, “Born and bred“. She was all of 18 years old. “Went to Grammar and High School here“. I said, “Its really comforting and nice to be waited on by a local person“…She said “I know what you mean“. I replied, “You do“? “I know exactly what you mean“, she said, smiling so beautifully with that look on her face. I’m not kidding, those were her exact words…..I am not alone and there are signs every where. I’m one of the ones who said it out loud…..

I am trying to save my cats life, yet in Coventry England , Mary Bale a local bank employee, is caught on camera. The kind of cameras I write about all the time. She obviously doesn’t read a word I write. It shows her calmly picking up a cat on the street by the scruff of the neck and dropping it into a sidewalk dumpster. Its on Utube. Check out the link below...The cat was in that dumpster for 15 hours before being discovered by its worried owner. Now, London police now have to protect Mary Bale. Its only fitting. She said, “Its only a cat”. Don’t you hate people like that?

      Kids, when you carry your expensive Cell phone, do you know it is tracking and watching you? Its like your shopping card that you give the cashier for that discount. They always ask for that card to keep track of you. Your phone becomes part of you and knows your habits, what you spend and where you are all the time. If you think your government isn’t watching, think again. All these things are just another way to take your dignity and money. It reduces you to a puppet or a predictable statistic. You pay between $600 and $1200 a year for that cell phone to let them do this to you…..Later guys….