August 13th, 2010


Willies eye seems much better this morning. What was a very, very tiny inflamed sty type of infection on his right lower eye lid has turned into a so small healing scab barely noticeable. No blinking, no scratching and when I check it its like he gives me the bored look and says, “Dude hurry up and look so I can take a nap“… I gave him some Multi-Vitamins for his immune system thinking that it would help and it looks like it worked. I’m not saying it worked because some of the stuff they sell is a rip off but I had to do something and I had this stuff so I tried it. I’ll give this to him for a few more days. He likes it, sort of….I wonder what caused this to happen. He doesn’t go out except for the hallway where I live. Is he lacking something? Is it the food he is eating? What I’m not doing? What is he doing? Is his body changing? I don’t trust the hard food or is it an infection that went away naturally. Anyway, I glad he’s OK….
       There was a shooting at one of the hotels near Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks last night. When I lived in that area I rode my bike by there all the time….I seem to remember mentioning in a past post that it was getting worse there with all the strangers and foreigners around and that it is one of the reasons I moved. Did I predict this? No, but its inevitable. The violence and anger is spreading and sooner or later it will effect you and me…The shooting in the brewery and the anger in the airplane are connected. If the steward in the Jet-Blue plane had a gun the outcome would have been much different….Think about this. Before the flight crew gets on the plane, are they checked like you and me?…In the past they just walked on the plane bypassing the check point or the hotel Limo would bring them there by way of the aircraft ramp. Could he have gotten a gun on the plane? What this guy did was not funny and he made the other flight attendants look like fools. Why didn’t they try to control him? It was very dangerous behavior and if he had a gun who’s to say he wouldn’t have crashed the plane into a building. Didn’t this happen before? Copycats are all over the place looking to be famous for that 5 minutes. Hmmm, didn’t I just write about that too?