August 11th, 2010

“Reality Shows Are Not Real”

I’d like to Un-recognize some of these people who think they are somebody but are nothing…The un-famous to me, is someone who did absolutely nothing to be in the limelight and is now in the limelight. I think that’s a Dad word. Like, “Lawrence you don’t want to be in the limelight“. Or, “Lawrence stay out of the limelight“ Anyway, just because you are pretty or handsome or have big boobs you are not famous. Just because you may know someone that is famous like a politician or a singer or someone that has been on TV. That doesn’t mean you are a celebrity but hey, if an Owl is famous I guess you can be too. You could say, I’m famous like that owl but then who wants Owl fame. Then there is that one day of fame, then forgotten. I don’t know who that was because I forgot. Then there are the nobodies that try to be somebody or something they are not. Usually they are the U-Tubers that do something like record themselves and put it on U-Tube and are there but you don’t know it. They are the wanna-bes that will hurt or kill themselves doing something to be noticed but never make it unless you count that 10 seconds on your local TV channel. That is mostly reserved for the so-called news and the morons that get caught robbing a bank, beating their wife or girlfriend or slashing their neighbors to death. I never thought writing something like that would be funny…I can’t help it if I’m laughing… Remember, if someone does get that 5 minutes of fame these days, they want their own reality show or a book deal. The last show I watched was the one in some Jungle somewhere. I remember there was a gay guy fighting with some girl that looked like a guy. I don’t remember why. I heard he went to jail for income tax evasion. Now I heard they are putting famous people on that show so more un-famous people will watch…..That’s an example of 5 minutes of fame. We have this rich person running for Senator in my State. She has spent $50 million dollars of her money and your tax dollars in the past year to buy the election. It looks like you can’t buy fame as well as you can buy the election. She said, “She is investing in herself” OMG….I do like the show where people try to show their talent and Judges point out the mistakes and everybody has this little sob story. They have this black guy, an Oprah wanna-be that talks like everyone in this country is from the Ghetto… I have to turn it off because I just cant stand that ex-rapper drivel…I don’t like that black slang talk. I can’t understand what they are saying most of the time. They say a lot of unnecessary things. You know what I mean. “My God”, whoever is responsible for hiring, get rid of him please…..Just because you think you can rap doesn’t mean you are famous. It must be because he is married to Mariah Carey. See, that doesn’t count either. He is not famous. His wife is….Look what happened to that Jessie guy and that famous actress. She is a really a good actress. He had his 5 minutes fame and now he’s in the wind or hooking up with the lady with all the Tattoos…Not that there is anything wrong with that. The Jet blue guy is trying to be famous and its working for now. The news fools are calling him a folk hero and that’s how it starts. How long will it last? We will have to wait and see. Hero? He’s a criminal. He’s angry and he lost it! Its lucky he didn’t kill somebody. This will probably get him a reality show about how hard the job is and what these people have to put up with. Years ago before guys did that job, I dated a very beautiful stewardess who worked for United Airlines. No, I’m not famous, I'm just lucky. I’ll never forget her. All this stuff doesn’t make you somebody unless you really do something. Swearing and going down a emergency slide doesn’t count. Like really knowing how to sing or act or even talk like a normal person counts. Anger doesn’t count. Fame usually means an education and a lot of hard work and rejection. There are many pitfalls. Keep in mind you never get something for nothing. You will pay in the end. Reality shows are not really real. Its only real if there are no cameras but then what’s the point…..