August 10th, 2010

"All Kinds of Ludicrous Things"

 I seen on TV, when I watch between the commercials and when I just happened to leave the sound on, and that’s not very often, that there is some kind of law case going on now. Actually, I think there are two cases where the friends or lawyers or doctors are fighting some kind of charges that they allowed these two, sort of famous people to die. Contrary to what the Defense Lawyers say and the way they describe it, or manipulate and twist the words, or any of the other things they make up….Let me make one thing clear. Anna Nicole Smith was a drug addict! Michael Jackson was a drug addict! They overdosed and died because of that.. No matter how the crooked lawyers and doctors word it. They were drug addicts and anyone who helped them, prescribed drugs for them, administered drugs or gave them drugs is guilty of dealing drugs and is responsible for killing them…. It was all about the money and it still is. ….Anyone connected to those two addicts, if they really cared about them, should have had them put into a rehab no matter what they, the so-called famous person said. If they went to rehab and accepted that they were addicts they would be alive today. It’s the fault of the doctors and lawyers around them that they died. In short, the Lawyers and Doctors used and abused them and finally murdered them. They killed the Golden Goose. They can say anything they want, make up as many reasons or excuses as they can, its still Murder….They are guilty of murder…Hey, if it looks like a Monkey and sounds like a Monkey it probably is a Monkey…Did you know that the singer Judy Garland was a drug addict and died from drug addiction?

      Did you know that Mia Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra when she was 20? Sinatra was 50. I guess she was living with Film Director Woody Allen when Allen was having sex with one of her kids. According to her, Sinatra called her and wanted to know if she wanted to have Allen’s legs broken. Frankie boy thought he was a tough guy. I can almost hear him saying that. I just thought about that because she testified in that blood diamond thing…Blood Diamonds, WTF is next…Don’t these people have any brains at all. And who is that Black Chick? Some kind of ex-model? OMG! The stuff that is happening these days is so hard to believe……Like I said it is always about the money. And this Levi Johnson guy…I don’t see anything good happening to him…He is such a fool……Remember, you read that here first... And lastly…..How about those Judges who impose their will in spite of the majority of American citizens who want the illegal’s out of their state, like the Federal Judge in Arizona. Its pretty clear to me what the people want yet, this twit has the audacity to change something…What’s up with that? Doesn’t the will of the people count anymore? Personally, I don’t think we ever counted….Warning…Watch out who you vote for this year…Just maybe you will pick a Candidate who will steal less and be a better liar than the other guy…