August 9th, 2010


Its better today, I mean I feel better....Last night a friend of mine called. The phone rang just when I needed it to ring…good timing….Today its going to be warm again so I will slow down…If I go any slower I’ll stop…I never thought I’d say this but I wish it was the beginning of early fall…The part where the leaves just start to turn. I’m going to Clinton this morning to hang with some friends of mine…It will be a classic Monday. Do people still hate Mondays? I don’t mind them any more. I found a new way to watch movies on line…No more slow loading…If you want to watch a specific movie download to your computer. Save it, watch it when you want, then delete it….It does take a while to download, like an hour but then you have it to watch when you want….Thank you to the guys and girls who took the time to explain that to me. The picture fiasco remains the same with Live Journal just raking in the money with no new downloading, just same old antique posting page…No, I didn’t expect anything nor will I ever…Its like Facebook, when these new millionaires get the cash they forget who got them where they are…Exactly like the fools and crooks who are asking you to vote for them…Once they get to Washington and get the $1000 dollar haircut and dye job, put on the $5000 dollar suit and start rubbing elbows with the rich and privileged, do you actually think they are going remember you?….Forget about it…You are the past now and something that they don’t care about…Later guys, don’t get caught in that revolving door….