August 7th, 2010


I’m leaving in a few minutes but I just wanted to mention that Willie and I made it through the night without incident…I didn’t step in anything last night or this morning. Every once and a while he gets sick and I step in something in the dark…I hate it when it squishes up between my toes. Yesterday I went to Rocky Neck State beach for a ride on the trails but I have got to find some secluded trails with a destination. Like a traffic less route to another town or state. Today I am going to cross the mouth of Connecticut river in Old Lyme, Old Saybrook on the bike,. The walking part of the bridge on Rt. 95...that should be interesting to say the least…There will be pictures later…There is a beautiful view, its very high. Its not so much dangerous but its one of more the risky things I have done so far on my bike. …I’m a bit apprehensive but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…Its one thing to drive over this bridge, its actually two bridges with I think 8 lanes, 4 on each side. but to bike over it. Its a whole other thing…I wonder if it shakes when the big trucks cross. There is no weight limit… Later guys I’ve got to go before I talk myself out of it….