August 6th, 2010

"Jockey For Position"

  I could not go out on my bike yesterday because of the heat. Today it doesn’t look very promising. I don’t recall ever having to not ride because of the heat. Today, again I wake up, the coffee is OK but this time I'm only half stepping in hairball throw-up. Yesterday cleaning up coffee ,today the rug and my foot….Willie looked at me with that look that says, “Hurry up and feed me“ When he is doing this, it’s continuous leg rubs…Me? I didn’t react I just maneuvered around the rubs and fed him then cleaned the mess. Two days in a row…Hey, some you win, some you lose… It can only go up from here…It’s a good thing that I don’t have to be anywhere today. Just go to store and return some stuff I bought the other day…Today I will go to the beach with my bike. I don’t care how hot it is.

Comment…By now you have all heard about the shooting in the beer distribution place in Connecticut. Well, they actually interviewed some bartenders in barrooms that said they understand and are willing to wait for deliveries. The way they reported that sounded like they were saying but don’t make us wait too long….like its all about the money and we have a bunch of sick drunks that need their daily fix of beer and booze…..OMG! These shootings are getting to be, like the thing to do when you feel like you’ve been screwed over. They don’t label it as terrorism but I think it is…If these trends continue and it seems like they are, normal people won’t be able to go anywhere. As it is now I am always looking over my shoulder. Its even worse when I see a foreigner or someone talking in some weird language. I try to go to stores and places that these people don’t go. Yes, there are these places that have less of these kinds of people. All you do is have to look. All the security cameras in the world won’t stop these freaks. They will only record the mayhem. Overall anger, hate and resentment combined with a death wish and hopelessness breed this behavior or it could be Allah is going to give them 40 virgins or whatever they think…Its so sick its beyond comprehension. Later guys, got to get moving……….Willie, where did put my bullet proof vest??