July 31st, 2010

"Flagrant Exposition"

 Its strangely quiet here. Its like everybody went home…I know that didn’t happen, so much for wishful thinking. Its just nice that its quiet. It feels like everybody ran out of money but the Clintons. Either that or they all went to the wedding. I wonder how many Illegal’s were invited the that shindig…Just the kitchen staff I would imagine... Hey weddings are important but for people who are public servants, ( the Clintons ) you would think that they would keep a low profile knowing that there are millions of unemployed American citizens not to mention illegal’s. Do you think its OK for me to call President Obama a public servant? Can I still say that? Anyway back to this Sodom and Gomorra style wedding. I know, but I was thinking again and the port-a-potties cost $15000 to rent…I can just see some rich drunk puking on floor. The rumor is $5 million dollars for the wedding. Its just a flagrant exposition of egos out of control. Me, I have no idea what I am doing today…Bike riding yes but where I don’t know….Hell, I just might take my Helicopter to a wedding in New York….Angelina where did you put that invitation?