July 29th, 2010

"Monkey See Monkey Do"

Good morning Adam……On this cell phone thing….I don’t need a new phone and the phone I have works just great…I am not going to get caught up in this new craze just to, “Keep up with the Joneses“….“If they jump off a bridge it doesn’t mean I have too“.. (That’s 2 Dad quotes in a row there.) I can get on the internet on the phone I have. It cost $49 dollars 2 years ago. I buy minutes and I don‘t have to buy any till next year. .….All I have to do is sign in…Yesterday I checked my E-Mail. I signed in and it worked. The thing is on my phone I have to pay .99 cents per hour for internet service. What they want you to do is pay for a phone ($200) and that’s the cheap one, then pay for the monthly service. Approximately a total of $75 dollars a month with a contract. They want a credit card so they automatically deduct the money from your account if you don't pay. If you do this you will get ripped off legally. First its not worth it. Its overpriced because it’s a fad and everybody wants one. Its called the, “Monkey see monkey do” fad…Believe me, when I see everyone walking around with their head down staring at the thing in their hand and trust me when I say this, you are not that important. Its all good technology but its too much money for what you get. They use your addiction to instant gratification to steal from you. The only difference between a drug dealer and a phone dealer is how slimy they are…They make so many of these phones they won’t be able to get rid of them. It will be much less expensive next year. Wait till the prices come down because you will be able buy one at your local drug store….