July 14th, 2010

"Smoke and Mirrors"

Wednesday at last. Today I’m going to try to visit my son and friends…Its all about the weather. Now its raining and that’s OK. It’s the extreme heat I try to avoid. Most of the country is humid and in the 90’s. Meanwhile I’ll try to avoid the bombs and gunfire and stay away from crowded restaurants and high crime areas although these days and those places are hard to find. That’s is just a sample of our future and I’m just kidding about that but as the “United States Empire” continues its demise, those days are in the future for sure. Update…My air new air conditioner works just fine. I have it set on economy so it goes on when it gets warm in the house and off when its cool. Just like a furnace in the winter only the opposite. I’ve got to go now so be careful out there guys and no matter what the White House says, things are not all right. Its all smoke and mirrors.