July 12th, 2010


  If I didn’t take some pictures of this you wouldn’t believe me.. Yesterday morning on my way over to get the, guess what? …..Right, the air-conditioner. I noticed on the road a little black and white fir ball. It seems a baby skunk was attempting to cross the street. Cars were going by, not noticing this little creature and were just missing him, causing him to stop in the road, frozen in his tracks with fear. I pulled over blocking the road with my car, turning on my flashers. I got out of my car trying to figure out how to move this little guy without getting sprayed. Visions of me buying 10 jars of peanut butter were flashing in my mind. Years ago I seen a guy pick up from the front, an adult skunk by the tail saying that if you do it this way he can’t spray… Well, that’s what I did placing him on the side of the road pointing him in what I thought was the right direction, hoping that it was his destination. He thanked me by hissing at me or a least I think that’s what I heard. He did raise his little tail to spray me but I think he was too young to do that. It was a good attempt and it did give me pause. Notice the pictures are of the front of him. I hope the little guy survives, he is a very brave. Saves to date are 1 turtle, 1 bunny and 1 courageous little skunk…..See I told you, you wouldn’t believe it… Oh, yes I did get that new air conditioner……


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