July 1st, 2010

“Don’t Complain Lawrence"

The construction noise continues here. Thank God I’m leaving soon to meet with friends for conversation and breakfast. They trouble is when I leave I don’t want to come back here. There are times I get very upset and times when I can except it. Why me, I cry, Why me? I want to move to Canada to the deep woods and live in cabin where you have to travel a day or two to see another human but I have a feeling there are people and construction there to. Are there any places left in this world left where there is peace, silence and no commercials? Here in this country if you are not being spied on they are building something somewhere next to you. The more I write these things the more insane it sounds. There is no other word to describe it. ‘Insanity” There was noise where I lived so I left thinking ocean breeze and peace and quiet. At least I got one of those. My Mom would say, “Don’t complain Lawrence, think of the deaf people who can’t hear anything“. OMG, I just want to scream…..


Yesterday I found the link to the clock for United States National Debt…This is amazing you need to check this out. There was a time when I wouldn’t apply for a State or Federal aid program, thinking and saying that’s for the poor and unfortunate……Now I am the poor and unfortunate…….