June 20th, 2010

"Happy Fathers Day"

After dieting, well, its more like not eating as much and not eating as many snacks. I finally fit into my favorite “Tony Hawk” summer shorts…Last night on my way home I was driving by all those restaurants and the temptation was really bad. I kept thinking, maybe a small order of fried clams and fries. It won’t hurt. Well, I didn’t and I feel better. I was hungry but I kept going. When I got home I had carrots and cauliflower dipped in diet ranch dressing and it was good. There are too many places to eat…too many choices. From Seafood to Chinese, Tacos, Fast food and Pizzas. Its no wonder America is having an overweight problem…Nonsense, its not an overweight problem. America is fat ! Lets face it. Why mince words, if your thighs rub together when you walk you are fat. If you walk up the stairs and are tired or you can’t breath, you either smoke or you are fat…One of the biggest problems is the temptation. People today live in a system that is designed to tempt you…Hence all the commercials.. Its not easy to just drive by these places. Then there is always that Dairy Queen and those Maple Walnut Sundaes. Last night there were at least 150 people in line. I’m not kidding…Its good but not that good. I wouldn’t in thousand years wait in line like that. Every once and a while but not too often when there is no line but after supper I have the smallest one they make…Lately, I have been eating out when I’m out around noon and have them make me the smallest portion of food possible. If they won’t and want to charge the same price as the large portion I leave. Believe me you can be picky then not only is the price right but I’m satisfied and comfortable at the same time…So my theory works, eat anything you want just not as much….The other day I went overboard and had breaded Sea Scallops on Caesar salad for lunch and if I do that once every 3 months I’m lucky. The portion was big so I didn’t have much for supper. You don’t have to have a Masters Degree to figure that out. I never eat to the point I can’t move or I am uncomfortable. I don’t remember the last time I did that…So now I have 5 extra pairs of shorts to wear and I feel better… The bottom line here and its not easy, is mute or turn off the TV and those commercials and drive by all those restaurants. Don’t eat between meals and don’t go out every weekend to eat but if you do walk it off right after. Think cholesterol and high blood pressure before you eat those 2 fast food double cheeseburgers and large fries at 2 in the afternoon then go home to have supper. There are no guarantees in this insane world. Hey, today you could be shot at any given moment. You might as well die comfortable…..

                  Comment………..Its day 62 of the death in the Gulf of Mexico.