June 17th, 2010


The Mustang is running good. The trip was as expected…Great. I love when things go uneventful except for good things. Well, I suppose that when you hang around with nice people that are intelligent and have seen the consequences. It Happens that way…

     Still no word on when the leak will be stopped. Its always all about the money its going to cost. That’s all right but I want to know when this oil leak will be stopped. Is it going to leak forever? Does he know the answer to that question and won’t say anything? I think so. I think they are afraid to say. BP pacifies the crowd by talking about how much they stopped so far. How long is the question? They call it a spill. Its not a spill, it’s a leak and it continues to leak, 59 days worth of leak. They try to deflect the news by talking about those poor well workers. Its about that but they need to say when will they will stop it. Even our President uses the time on TV to talk about the money and political issues….I don’t care about his future ! I care about the wild life and the ecosystem. Now its, we are, get this, picking up the leaking oil and by July expect to be picking up more. Did I hear that right? Nothing about stopping the leak. Nothing about when….Picking up oil and selling clam cakes is the last thing I want to hear about. Its not our fault that you chose to fish for a living. Did you think it was going to last forever? Dude ! Welcome to the real world…. Meanwhile the Gulf of Mexico gets blacker and blacker. The sea life fades away and dies and the commercials keep running…Its like, OK it happened, its leaking lets move on. This needs to be fixed. Every day it leaks makes it worse, more sealife will die.  Maybe they will when the oil slick starts to move up the East coast in the Gulf stream and down to South America. Lets see how much oil PB can pick up then. Having said all that, I think it almost time for the “Future News”

Meanwhile Its time for breakfast for some sane friends…Hang in there guys, they are coming at you from every angle…..

Writer's Block: Rescue mission

If someone intentionally set fire to your home and you had ten minutes to get out, would you try to save the arsonist or your belongings?

 Willie my cat, then the bike, my laptop, some of Willies toys, the flat screen TV, my dressor, my CD player, my checkbook, the DVD player, the VHS tape player, the clothes in the bedroom closet, the tools I have for fixing things, the bathroom scale and soap in the tub, Willies food, my sea glass collection and recliner, the stuff under the bed and the winter coats in the closet off the kitchen, the food in the freezer, Willies food dashes, my movie CD collection and my depression glass collection, the copy paper and photo paper, my change bottle, bookcase and the kitchen sink....Arsonist? Oh sorry, not on my list of priorities...Maybe later though I'll have to check my calender..Wait,......... wait for it........oops, sorry, times up.......Hey, when you are an Arsonist you take your chances.....Like drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico without a backup plan sometimes you lose....