June 15th, 2010

"The Car"

Today is the day I bring the car in for that major repair. You know, the one I thought would fix itself.. I knew it wouldn’t, its just I hate spending the money and I don’t like waiting for it to be done…I’d like to do it myself but I don’t have the equipment. In the past with a different vehicle I did most of the work myself or my son would help me. It would be so much easier to just pay for the parts. Last night I went riding at the State beach and the areas around there. It was beautiful as usual. I’m going to get an early start today so I’m leaving in a few minutes…I just want to get this done….I’d better check the highway first, to make sure its open.

       Comment………..Van der Sloot is the most ignorant Psychopath I have ever seen.

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