June 11th, 2010

"Duly Noted"

Two things happened yesterday that I was happy about. 1. I found my cell phone in the car under the seat and 2. I got to use the phrase “Duly noted”. Isn’t that great? Its so easy to please me. I knew if I waited long enough I’d get a chance to say that…Next on my list of words to use is “Confounded.” I haven’t found a place to put that one. To me its an old word and doesn’t slide well off the tongue and I don’t think you can use it in mixed company. Yesterday I put my bike on the car and went to the beach where I usually unload it to ride…I do that because of the traffic on a certain road. I don’t have a death wish. When I got there the rains came and I had to suspend bike riding for the day. The way the storms are now its too dangerous especially with all the tornado warnings…..Why don’t they cut more trees down for parking lots and give the wind more room to swirl around? Did you ever hear someone say? No we can't cut those trees it will be bad for the environment. I didn't think so... Its to late to save anything now but there is a first time for everything.

I can’t resist, I have to “Comment”! I said 45 days ago that “BP had no contingency plan to stop a leak if it ever happened at that depth.” Sadly, I was right...I can see them all sitting in the staff meeting discussing the issue before they started to drill at that depth. Do you think any one of those morons suggested that maybe we better not drill because there is no way to stop it if something happens.? Do you think anyone cares if something happened? Like I said many times its all about the money. Its like they got caught this time and all that money they made will be spent putting up a show that they are doing something about what happened. The trouble is all the money in the world can’t bring back the creatures and the environment. What would happen if another oil well started to leak in another ocean? What would happen if an undersea earth quake cracked the pipes in a few more wells.? I wonder if they thought about that in the staff meeting. If they can’t stop this one how will they stop those? 5000 feet is very, very deep. How long does it take you to walk or run a mile? That’s how deep the oil is leaking. Its not like the neighborhood pool. Its not that easy especially if you didn’t have a plan