June 3rd, 2010

"Magnetic Quality"

This morning its breakfast with friends and later providing it doesn’t rain, bike riding in downtown Niantic. The weather here for the next few days is questionable so it depends. It was good to see my friend Pam yesterday. We had a great talk and solved most of the issues of the world. My son is doing OK and I told him I wished he lived here . He walked away muttering something about Yah, I know but…I couldn’t hear the rest…He lived here with me years ago so he knows what its all about. This place has a magnetic quality. Once you live here and leave the inspiration and lure to come back is overwhelming to return to stay. The library sent me a EM telling me they have a new book on CD for me so I’ll pick that up this afternoon. The book called is “Vanished” by Joseph Finder. No, I didn’t make that up that’s the name of the book and the author.


The jury selection begins today for the Rod Blagojevich corruption trial. Irony is, the trial is in the City and State that has the most corrupt police, judges and politicians in the country. This is 15 months after the fact. Right away that makes me suspicious. The only good guys there will be the Federal prosecutors but then of coarse the trial is in the Presidents home state and he’s involved so we really don’t know do we? Gee, I wonder what the outcome of that trail will be? And no, I didn’t make that up either….Have a good one guys. There are only a few in a lifetime…