May 28th, 2010

"Catch Up Day"

I need to catch up….Last Wednesday I went to the library to try my Lap top with their wireless connection and it worked…That means if I don’t want to stay home when it rains or I need to do some research I can just go hang around at the library and work there. Also on Wednesday I went to visit up north…Wow, it was hot.. Oppressively hot I might add. Also on Wednesday while doing some research I found a way to get a Beach pass for all the State Beaches in Connecticut.. Yes, that’s right All the beaches and state parks...I couldn’t believe my luck. Let me tell you, if you ride a bike it’s the best thing you could have. Not only that but I live a stones throw from Rocky Neck State Beach. Wednesday was also good day for visiting my son…He fixed and cleaned the cabin filter on my car….I knew it was there but forgot to clean it...Duh…Yes, Wednesday was a busy day. Now, this weekend it will be Memorial day. That means the tourists will be here with their too short, shorts sandals and black knee length sox. When they walk around they are usually holding a ice cream cone and have that stare, they look like they are lost…I have been going to ride my bike every afternoon so I have been very busy. I will continue that…First a little shopping and so my day goes…

        Its day 39 of the death of an ocean. The news seems to have stopped making a big deal out of it and now its sound bites because commercials need to be shown. They have to continue making money. We can’t forget greed. Let me tell you something now…If they don’t find a way to stop this leak making money won’t matter anymore. This is the biggest and worst thing that could happen to the world yes, I said world…Millions of people will suffer for years physically and mentally because of this. Sea life will never recover. It’s a world emergency that no amount of money can take care of.