May 27th, 2010

" I Told You So"

I said 3 weeks ago that British Petroleum had no back up plan…See, I told you so….I always wanted to say that. The TV news can put a camera down there so we can watch the gore and death of an ocean. Why don‘t they try to ???…Oh, never mind it won’t work…Did you know that our country has "Secret"  Navy submarines that can go to that depth….How about the explorer the found the Titanic. That Sub can go to that depth. I haven’t heard if any of that will happen. What is going on in Washington?, Lately there are so many things happening in our country that the country is too big for our government. There are too many people and they keep coming. Our environment and sea life is dieing They are putting National Guard troops at the borders again…Gee, why did they remove them in the first place?….it’s the only thing Bush did right. Its his legacy if you think about it. I’m proud that Arizona did what they did….All the States should reevaluate the immigration laws and remove and deport anyone that isn’t a citizen or here illegally, has a criminal record and doesn’t have a job or medical insurance. The way is going now the future of America depends on that…Oh well, I’m not going to say anything its just that I’m upset that this country going down the tubes as we speak……This is an afterthought…It was 99 degrees Bradley International airport yesterday. The airport I worked at…It was never that hot there, on that date. Later guys, its breakfast time, got to go..