May 25th, 2010


 The noise continues but I am much calmer today… I accept it but I actually thought of moving. Not back to where I was but down the coast. On my way back from Clinton yesterday I looked at some places...If I did this (moved) and its not likely, I would have lived in many places. Too many to count. Years ago my dad called me a gypsy. Its not a bad thing. Its in a sense that gypsies move a lot. God, I had to make that clear…I see the Duchess is infected with greed…Like I said its everywhere and its not going to stop…I mean everybody’s got bills to pay but give me a break.…Correct me if I’m wrong but is the new movie ‘Sex in the City” a long clothes and cosmetic commercial with a little romance story that you have to pay to see? I think these 4 woman should have grown up by now. Ok, Ok, its only a movie, I know that but Kim Cattrall was in a Quincy episode in 1977 and Mannequin in 1987... That was a great movie…I loved the music…I don’t know but there must be someone who will still pay to see 4 older woman looking for that perfect man. They are old enough to know that no such man exists. I’m glad they talk about getting older. Or at least try to. I suppose the writers had no choice…but that’s life.. Oh well, got to do a little shopping this morning and bike riding this afternoon…Take care guys. We all know what’s just around the corner..