May 17th, 2010

"Depression Glass"

       Yesterday I went looking for beach glass and my collection is growing rapidly. I have a few pieces of blue, some red, an odd ball green but mostly white… One of these days I’m going to take a picture and post it. On Sundays, I make dinner for myself. Usually its something special. It was mostly a rest day for me. The day here was sunny but cool and I cleaned the car did some shopping and watched a movie….I am working on a nice tan and in a few minutes leaving for breakfast with my friends…I should mention that I have the new book on CD by Harlan Coben, “Caught”. Its starting off pretty good if you like his style of writing. I just finished “The Midnight House” by Alex Berenson. His best book to date. If you like CIA, spy novels as I do, Mr. Berenson is one of the best. His books have very believable reasons for everything his characters do and they are action packed. He keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next…His books are so good you never want them to end. I just read his newest one and I want to call him and find out when the new one is coming out.. After breakfast today I think I’ll go to the Westbrook and Old Saybrook thrift store for awhile. I found a beautiful rare depression glass dish there. It is advertising from Schraffts chocolates made between 1830-1930...Take care guys and if you can’t, always remember big brother is watching….

Writer's Block: This material has been censored

Do you think the government should have the right to censor the media? If you're generally against censorship, are there any circumstances under which you feel it might be warranted?

Government absolutely not…Live Journal yes. I pay for posting here and I shouldn’t have to see the “F” word. There is no reason to write that. Even the free movie sites warn and remove that kind of language from their comments. I read a lot of fiction and those writers don’t find it necessary to write like that. See, Even I wrote all that and didn’t call anybody names or use that word. It can be done kids. Give it a try, you will get more readers that way. You don’t have to say that but “I will defend your right to say it to the death“