May 10th, 2010


 Do you know what grasping at straws is? Or the blind leading the blind? Its BP dropping a stupid box down 5000 feet into the ocean to stop a oil leak. British Petroleum has no freaking idea how or what to do to stop the leak in the Gulf. I know one thing. If I had a oil well in a place where it could damage the environment. I would certainty have a plan just in case something like this happens…Didn’t these idiots ever project far enough into the future to think its just possible that something could happen. You would think that these greedy morons could have fixed this by now…What are the names of the fools? The ones in charge of doing something about this disaster…They are killing all the birds and fish not to mention the sea creatures in that area…It will take a thousand years for nature to repair the damage this has done all ready. …I’m really afraid that they don’t know how to stop it and will give up because they can‘t.….If they knew how to fix this, it would be done by now…I am beginning to feel despair for that area. I feel the pain of the sea…Its hopeless. I don’t care about the money lost or the jobs or the greed. I care for the clean water and peaceful sound of nature at work. The fresh air and the waves breaking on the beach. Its so sad, the Gulls, ducks and seashells will be gone if this band of fools doesn’t do something fast.