May 4th, 2010


When I went to breakfast yesterday I met up with my newspaper writer lady friend who told me that she went to my Live Journal page, looked at my Blog and “exclaimed“, well actually she “said“, I just wanted to use the word exclaimed, that she “Couldn’t do what I do every day“…That was a compliment coming from her….Today it’s a beautiful day but like normal, rain and thunder showers are predicted for this afternoon.

There is no good news concerning the economy. The oil spill is not just killing the birds and sea creatures. Like I said a few days ago, the price of fuel will bring traveling for some people to a grinding halt. Food and all the other things dependent on truck travel will be going up. If the economy is so good like the government said ,why are things predicted to be so bad. ….All those band aid fixes are slipping now and the rage in this country will be escalating as I expected …I’m lucky in a way that I know how to live with just the minimum of things…No credit cards or money owed means no fear or worry about those horrible bills in the mail every month.

I see they arrested some freak of nature for this bombing attempt, in of all places Times Square and it turns out to be a, guess what? Right ! Someone from another country with grandiose ideas…Either that or he is an Al Qaeda want-to-be. Do you still think we don’t need new laws regulating imagration and just people coming into this country? Like I said we need some harsh rules, its got to start somewhere. When I go into a crowd of people it would be nice if I knew who the enemy was. I can see the folks in Arizona grinning from ear to ear this morning. Doesn’t this act of terrorism just prove my point? It wouldn’t surprise me if they execute this guy as example. “Not that there is anything wrong with that”