April 29th, 2010

"Around The Corner"

    Last night went well as always….On the way home the highway was clear and fast. I kept it at a slow 70 and made it home safely with no incidents or tickets. On the way there I listen to AM radio talk radio…I wasn’t surprised at the negative talk about the way the administration is handling the decisions made concerning our nations future. I am beginning to think that what I am feeling is right and I’m not alone. Things are really bad out there. There are many people that feel like me. From the illegal’s to trusted leaders stealing and then the greed. I’ve got a bad feeling about what’s going to happen. Gas is now $3.03 a gallon $2.97 at the cheaper places. Food prices are out of control…The economy is not good no matter what the government says. The laws are made for the rich. I am waiting for the trial of the U.S. Army jihad guy who killed all those unsuspecting soldiers…They want to give him the death penalty. Is there any doubt about that? Then there is the President saying something about the way Arizona is making laws. Excuse me, that’s a State thing. No comment should be the answer to that…Now get this, they are going to built a giant wind farm in Nantucket Bay…..Ted Kennedy died and The President signed legislation giving them permission to do that.. That’s the Kennedy’s front yard. Things are getting worse, even for them every day….Me, I’ve got to go now its late…. Take care things are changing so fast you never know what’s around the next corner….