April 28th, 2010

"Verbal Warning"

         Wednesday…I can’t get out of the habit of writing the day of the week. It must be the first thing I think about…Going up to visit my son and friends today. The weather is cloudy and chilly but it will warm up later in the day. So far I haven’t had to put on a jacket or coat and the shorts are still in the drawer but I always bring a jacket with me. The trip inland is a little difficult because of the work traffic. If I leave at a certain time its OK but if I am 5 min late in a certain area it’s a 20 minute delay. The trip home late at night is great and I look forward to that. There are areas of the highway that are empty of traffic for miles and miles. I mean there are no cars, nothing but three lanes in places for miles at a time. I did get stopped for speeding one time on Route 11. Its a 12 mile stretch of highway that during the day is as straight as far as the eye can see. At night it disappears  to a point as far as the high beams can see. Going down the middle of that road, in the dark at high speed, late at night is magical. Something happens. The trees, what you can see of them at night and the lines in the middle of the road turn in a blur. Its gets quiet in the car and I can only describe it as peaceful. Like it’s a different place, a place that you rarely tread to go. Let me warn you here.. Its addictive and dangerous. I mean, I was going like a bat straight out of Hell. I'm talking helmet fast..…I don’t want say how fast I was going but it was really fast. Lets just say it would have been a $400 plus speeding ticket. When the State cop drove away and those blinding flashing lights were turned off. I sat on the side of the road for 15 minutes or longer thanking God wondering why he didn’t give me a speeding ticket. Route 11 is so quiet not one car went by…… His parting words were…Mr. Ferrari, I’m going to give a verbal warning this time. Just because you are on Route 11 doesn’t mean you can speed…Slow down…He then got into his car and drove away. For a few weeks I tried to figure out why I didn’t get a ticket but gave up…It has taken me a while to write about it but now I’m glad I did….Its sort of a confession I guess. I feel better and will keep the speed down………………...................Well, maybe….