April 27th, 2010

"No Speed Readers Allowed"

 Tuesday and its been raining for 2 days now…Later this week its supposed to be going into the 80’s.Today I’m going to get an oil change. Can’t do much else because of the weather. I’ve been watching “Dancing with the stars“. I could go into the reasons why the “Teacher Dancers” are more the stars than the supposed stars they dance with but I won’t. I have danced with woman with two left feet and woman that while leading them it was like backing up a truck. Need I say more?….The winner this year will be Derek Hough and his partner…They are the best by far.
          Last night I went to “Borders” book store to hang around for a while and read. I was reading Sarah Silverman’s new book. This kid is funny but her humor is questionable and dirty. Maybe not on talk shows but on the live stage she’s cute and has a trench mouth. That shock stuff only works for a little while. It surely doesn‘t work for her. She will never be a Tina Fay at that rate. When I say that I mean Silverman will never reach  the audience that she could enjoy with clean material. There is something disgusting about being X- rated. Even ex, X- rated. Richard Pryor and George Carlen could get away with it but they eventually cleaned up their act later on….Robin Williams tried the dirty material on a DVD not too long ago. Guess where it is now? Right, you guessed it, in the toilet. I could only stand to watch a little bit of that trash. Williams saying all those dirty things some how doesn’t work…I can’t imagine Mork saying the “F” word. Williams will always be Mork. In the book Mork is a favorite of Silverman and some where a long the line she must have missed how clean he was. I’ll bet there are more people repulsed by her than go to see her. There is a chapter in the book where she describes how she wants to use the word “Nigger” in a bit. The producer wouldn’t let her and made her change it. That’s what I mean…That shock stuff doesn’t work anymore. People today are too angry and sensitive….See, even I go easy on the shock words…I didn’t say “Jew” once.

Comment.... There should be a sign in the window of book stores. "No Speed Readers Allowed" No Sarah, that's mine and you can't use it...