April 22nd, 2010

"Low Bidder"

      Did you ever notice that there is always some construction or someone is always repairing something on the streets or in the buildings in your town or city or State for that matter. Nothing is ever just the same as it was. Recognizable but never the same. It isn’t just repairing sometimes its just making things different. What ever happened to, “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it“. They spent money today just to spend it….I notice more and more low level politicians are getting caught and arrested for taking kick-backs. That has a lot to do with bidding and picking who will do all this fixing. Its all about the low-bidder. Think about that. Did you ever wonder why the governer or mayors brother-in-law just happened to be low bidder? Those idiots think we are stupid …..I always think of the ones that didn’t get caught. I’ll bet there must a lot of them…..Its out of control just like everything else….

     Today the phone guy is coming to fix my DSL so it will stay on…I got the appointment for this morning and had to drop breakfast from my schedule today. I didn’t like doing that but I’ll get over it. Maybe he will be here early…I hope so.. That’s sort of what going on today for me….

     I’ve decided to change my true story to fiction based on true events before I give it to the publisher for a look see. I started to correct it and seen that I could make it even better by changing it. Its seems like its always a work in progress. I don‘t think it will ever be perfect… If you have ever written anything and you think its good put it away for a month or two then read it again. You will be surprised how different it is…. OK, now the waiting begins. I think I’ll do some correcting…