April 21st, 2010

"No Whim Buying"

Today I have no problems, and no complaints….Going to my sons house today then out with friends …This morning I’ll get some gas because I do need that…but I won’t buy anything else…My mission for the next month or so, hopefully I’ll get used to not buying anything on a whim, is to not buy anything I don’t need. The big deal when I was a kid was that each week, usually on a Friday, my mom and dad, yes both of them, took us shopping at local grocery store….If we needed shoes we went to a shoe store, clothes to a, well you know what I mean…Clothes only if there were holes in the elbows and shoes if there holes in the soles. Most of the time dad took those shoes to the shoe repair shop for new heels or soles and mom patched those holes in the elbows. Did you know that we only bought clothes when we needed them or wore them out ? No waste for sure….. Today I don’t need or want anything and will do my darnedest not to spend any money