April 19th, 2010


It looks like a beautiful day today but its cool and not quite warm enough for shorts…I’m groggy this morning. Last night was one of those rare nights that I slept all night long…Yesterday I polished up my story. The second one of two to be given to a publisher. I’m half way through it… If you have ever written a lengthy story and haven’t looked at it for a long time, check it out because I guarantee you will find something and change it…..In my story I changed the main characters name to something that I think is more interesting and different. I even went to an Answer’s web site and got ideas. I’d like to thank all the people that sent me suggestions. So far it looks good….Today, at this moment I am almost walking out the door. Its breakfast with friends day….I’m a little late so hang in there guys It could be worse…..See….I knew I could I write a paragraph without complaining…..