April 18th, 2010

"Glad I Didn't Go"

It looks like its going to be one of those grey, dank, chilly days here in in the northeast. It has the feeling almost like one of those pre-winter storm days but not quite. Last week, it was shorts and tee shirts, this week its a jacket and gloves….Around here when that happens they say, “Welcome to Connecticut“. Stick around for a few minutes and watch the weather change.

Today the rhetoric started on the volcanic ash that is floating around the world….I remember when Mt. Saint Helena’s decided to blow…The same thing happened. Everyone scampered around finding reasons why. I haven’t heard a logical one yet only that what’s happening now is really bad. Can you imagine if the wind was blowing toward United States? Our government would be paying for the airlines down time and the contributions would coming in for the stranded travelers to pitch tents in the thousands of parking lots we have in this country….The concern seems to be that the planes can’t fly because engine, ash issues. Travelers can’t get to where they are going and I’m glad I didn’t go any where. I think the things (disasters) that are happening are warning signs of things to come…..Did you notice the events are getting closer and closer together.? I don’t mean its a God thing. It’s a human thing. I should but I’m not going to say slow down on the progress the world is making……That can’t happen because greed has become everyone’s priority. The instant gratification is out of control. Me? I stand on the side lines just wonder why? Today? I’ve got a few movies to watch and a Sunday meal to prepare. Oh yes, and walk on the beach is in order. That’s, if the beach is still there and I can breath the air…..Maybe the Sun will come out this afternoon……That is the extent my worries…..Why? You ask. Because that’s the way I want it…..Don’t ya just love it….