April 13th, 2010

"Its Not Real"

    Quiet Tuesday, and no plans for today. More than likely I’ll end up at the beach. I might put the bike on the back of the car and go somewhere but it’s a little chilly here. All the warm weather is gone for a while. My new project is to lose some weight…it’s a waist line thing. Not that much but I really need to stop snacking. I’m going to try to cut back…..Last year it was Raspberry Ice Cream. This year its Peanut butter cups and Easter candy…I’ve got to find a substitute.

     The Morning Infomercials CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX are getting longer and longer and my TV is on mute 92.6 % of the time. I also would like to say to the commercial morons that I would dive into a pit of fire or crawl a mile naked over broken beer bottles before I would buy anything advertised on these shows….And I mean anything….The promos for things about the pro-golfer, gossip TV or reality shows, to me are warnings of what NOT to watch.

     Just a word about reality shows. Well, Its more of a question? If a camera crew was following you around would you do the things that you would normally do?… Of coarse not…That means its make-believe…. Its all an ACT……FAKE…….NOT REAL…….These people are chosen because of the way they ACT and LOOK. But its more about the way they look not about the way they act….ITS NOT REAL……The public is convinced that the FAKE ACTORS are doing things they normally would….THEY ARE NOT…… because its fake…..The most over used word they use today is Star….Actors that win awards for acting are stars….All the rest, are just people that do stupid things on TV for money……