April 6th, 2010

"Its All About Me"

       At last I found a piece of sea glass….After miles of searching there it was. I stooped to pick it up and a big wave came and wet my foot. It was worth it though. I’m glad that’s over with. Its like Bull fighting. Once you face your first bull the rest are simple. Now this event comes with pictures so you won’t be disappointed…Look on the piece of driftwood. Willie was even pleased...Can you tell how excited he is.. Its not as exciting as blue and green snow but its worth it…In other news…..The other night I watched the Boston Red Sox come from a 5-0 deficit to beat the N.Y. Yankees 9-7.…That’s really the only good news I have. I like opening day especially when my team wins….
         I wrote my middle son a letter, EM reminding him that, “It is all about me“…. I know, I know I’m the one that is always saying that it isn’t but in this case and under these circumstances it is all about me and I’m proud of that.……I’m glad I wasn’t on receiving end of that letter.……No, there weren’t any swears but I did tell the truth and as we all know some times the truth hurts. 
     Comment………..The world is still insane and I'm sorry to say is getting worse. The killing all over the world is getting more bloody …..In between TV mutings I heard the news guy say the Afghanistan President was going to join the Taliban if things didn’t go his way or something like that…..Didn’t the United States give this fool gazillions of dollars and send thousands of troops to his “Rock pile” of a country. Speaking of rock piles. Hey, CIA guys with all the millions of dollars you spend on technology why haven‘t you found the murderer responsible for the World Trade Center? …..Can you tell I don’t watch the news very much.…..Its like I don’t want any of this craziness to rub off on me…….After all, it is all about me. Right Dave......