March 31st, 2010

"Mother Nature"

    I was thinking today about what I said about needing an Ark the other day. Well, I’ll tell you, yesterday it took me over an hour to drive what it takes normally 10 minutes to do. Roads were closed all over the place due to flooding. Police cruisers were blocking the roads every where. I drove through water, I swear up to the rocker panels. I don’t remember, ever seeing it rain so hard for so long. It was a continuous heavy pouring rain for hours. So hard a bridge washed away in Groton Conn. I started to think that maybe I was in trouble where I live but we are up high and not near any streams or rivers and the ocean is 2 miles away. Its not nice to make fun of Mother Nature so from now on there will be no more Ark comments. I couldn’t go any where after I finally got home so I kept busy by installing a ceiling fan in preparation for summer. It came out good and looks nice….It brought back a lots of memories. I thought of all the fans I installed for people when they became the rage a few years ago
      Today I’m going to try to go north to visit my son and friends and I hope this bad weather is over. Its cloudy but it looks like a pretty good day out there. This morning I’m going to see how bad the damage is around here and check the roads to see if I can get to a highway.

Comment…..….In Dallas, at the site of where JFK was assassinated a stripper or singer or somebody like that took off all their clothes and pretended to be shot, actually falling on the ground naked for some kind of video. I guess this what you call, get noticed at any cost or lets be absolutely disrespectful and be as stupid as we possibly can. I don’t know what kind of producer or promoter thought of this desecration but to me it only shows how far we have gone in losing our dignity and morals…