March 28th, 2010

"The Dieing Rose"

    We had a good time last night and I even got to bring home some left over pizza. Later we went to meet some of my friends and she was welcomed into the group with open arms…The rest of the evening we watched the movie, “The Bounty Hunter” on the internet on one of my favorite movie web sites. Hmmm....No comment on the movie.

    Today the rains will come and the whole state is under a, would you believe, flood watch. Talk about drama……Martha! Get the Ark out of the garage looks like we are going to need it……I’m going to get some stuff done early. I don’t want my Mustang to get caught in one of those floods.

    I have been noticing that in certain places like the pizza place we went to last night were not busy like in the days past. Waitresses were standing around and although there were some people dining it wasn’t like when went there before. It seems our economy is not as good as they say it is…Or the casino that was supposed to help bolster the Norwich Connecticut area economy isn’t quite working the way the Greedy Indians and the so-called Honest Politicians said it would. I never believed those bastards. It looks like they took the money and ran. Norwich is dieing fast and crime is, well you know what I mean. The once beautiful Marina is closed and whole sections of the city are dieing. The low life predators are alive and well and slinking around in the dark corners. Typical of any casino town. Oh well, I could go on but what’s the point. Most of the old guard is gone and replaced by the greedy dishonest element and I fear there is no turning back. Glitz and high crime are accepted as every day normalcy. Society and really caring here have been desensitized to the point where murder and rape are just things that happen. Kinda like, OK, lets find something more horrific to open the evening news. Save the boring stuff for later. I always think of the pain and anguish a family member feels when they learn later that the victim of that rape or murder was their grandson or granddaughter. Like I said what’s the point. The plans made for Norwich a few years ago are gone now with the promises of a long prosperous future now replaced by the drab and dangerous areas. Norwich was once called the Rose City…..Now its, The Dieing Rose city…..