March 25th, 2010


           Last night everything went great…My son went with his wife to play bingo. Bingo of all things. I never figured him as a bingo sort of guy…“Whoda thunk“…That was good because it gave me a chance to have long conversations with my Grand-kids…I found out a lot of things that are going on in there lives…Things that parents don’t know. I have this knack for getting into places in their thought process that parents can‘t or are afraid too. Parents say they listen but don’t really hear what’s going on. Kids trust me. Its always been that way. I have no idea why. Maybe its because I know how to get down to there level and listen. Aside from learning a few interesting things. Which are now secret by the way, I noticed that their attention spans are only about 45 seconds long. If I was giving the advice that they were craving it couldn’t be longer than that. Now I look forward to talking to them every week. The key is to offer advice when they seem to ask for it but not tell them what to do….I know what you are thinking but that’s the way kids are today….Duh, smarter than us…Didn’t you know that? I met some friends in town that I haven’t seen in a long time. Now get this ….They missed me and we made plans to meet at the beach this summer…Wow! It was so nice to see them.

    This morning I am going to breakfast with friends here and I’m NOT late but I’ve got to get going …The bottom line here is that if you give advice to a kid younger than 15 it can’t be longer than 45 seconds. If you use big words make sure that they understand what they mean….They are very teachable and willing to learn…..The day and evening were full of pleasant and wonderful surprises. My life is good……Its so nice to trusted and loved like that…..