March 24th, 2010


     I am getting the pre-summer lazies. It happens every year. I am so tired of waiting for spring that when it finally gets here and I don’t have to worry about the next storm being a blizzard, my mind goes into a relaxing no worry mode. The rain yesterday was heavy but acceptable because I don’t live near a river and I am far enough away from the ocean that it really doesn’t matter. Today the weather is good enough to take a ride to my sons house. This morning I’ll get some gas and do some errands, come home, eat lunch and go….I could be wrong but some of this lazy stuff has to do with where I live. It’s a laid back life. Am I saying that right? I’m calmer and more serine. It has to do with the sun, the ocean and a little humility and kindness. Mix those atmospheres together and it becomes serenity. If you think about it you can do this anywhere. The problem is most people don’t know how to do that….

I have mentioned in past post’s that my job was at a major airport. Yesterday a friend of mine sent me this link of air show clips. It brought back such wonderful memories. If you like aircraft this is a must see. Turn on your speakers and play it with the back ground music. To someone like me its beautiful…..