March 22nd, 2010

"Hmm, Intriguing"

      At last a new page. Not that there was anything wrong the other one. Some times I just need to change…This morning I’m going to Clinton Connecticut to see how the other half lives….Just kidding, I’m there every week and I look forward to the breakfast there. So far I’ve made friends in 4 different towns. The move here was a given but before I moved here I was sort of worried that I wouldn’t be doing as good as where I was. Well, Its not better here. Its more like the same. I mean the background is changed, just the locations and the faces are different. Like I said, change is like a mystery. At times you need to take a chance at doing things. I don’t mean being selfish and gambling all your money away or leaping into the unknown without consideration of others or even thinking about the consequences. There are always those tricky consequences. Young or old every decision you make affects the lives and the people around you. You may not be aware of that or care but it does. At times, just maybe, you can jump but never leap into something that could hurt you or others. Experience is a good teacher but knowledge is also very important. If your friend does something and it doesn’t work most likely it won’t work for you. Moving to another part of the State was a major decision for me. A major decision yes but this wasn’t new or unknown. I lived here a long time ago so I wasn’t coming to a strange place and there are many reasons why I’m here. Some I know about, some I don’t. I won’t question that. It’s the mystery that’s intriguing.