March 19th, 2010


        I guess this is going to be normal…Waking up at this hour is getting to be a standard thing….I’m not going complain about it because its me that has the choice to do that…I mean this morning I got up but I went back to bed…So guess what? I’m not going to fight it…Unless I have a doctors appointment or I am going on a trip I will never set an alarm so that means I am going to have to change…In my quest for consecutive posts, 681 morning posts and counting. The key word being morning. It has not been interrupted. It will remain the same and I will continue to do that but I’m not going to worry about it….Late or not, whatever it takes, it will be there. Today it’s a beautiful day in Connecticut so as usual I will end up at the beach in the fresh air…. Its kind of a normal thing now. I see the ocean every day, from the raging ocean to the tranquil sea. I am always amazed at the power, strength and unpredictability of that sea. Summer is on the horizon now and the boats are starting to come out of dry dock…This should be an interesting year…..