March 18th, 2010


     OMG…Its late…I’m going to have to change my schedule…Going to breakfast with friends this morning…I can’t miss that…I can’t be late for that…I’m between a rock and a hard place….Stay tuned for part 2 this afternoon….
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"The Most Important Thing"

                                                                    Part Two

      All kinds of things are on my mind this afternoon….The least important of them is I wore a short sleeve shirt today for the first time…. I thought about wearing shorts but it’s a little cool here for that. I have winter white arms and legs is the second least important thing….When I went to visit my son yesterday it was warmer and almost muggy in that part of the state…That’s the third least important thing. Breakfast was good this morning and we all enjoyed each others company…I can vouch for my friends judging by the laughing and kidding around we did…It would bother me if I had to miss that….I think its great that a group of people from all walks of life can leave their problems at the door and just be together and have fun…When we all left we were happy and looking forward to being together next week… I don’t know what I would do with out that….and that is the most important thing…….