March 17th, 2010

"I Only Half Care"

                                            Happy Saint Patrick’s day to all…

        Its also travel day…I’m going up north to where I used to live to see my son and meet with some friends. I look forward to that each week. I should be back before 11 PM tonight. ‘

      I was thinking about this caring thing I wrote about yesterday. I think it comes from a long time ago when there were less people in this country and we all knew what each of us thought about certain things. We knew as a group that we wouldn’t care about e.g. what happened in another town, what the neighbors thought, the earth quake, the flood, the fire, the mass murder, we wouldn’t have known about any of that stuff so we wouldn‘t have cared. I especially don't care about the golfer that cheated and disrespected his wife that is coming back to play his game. That is all about the money and nothing else. .…..Hence the advice from my mom…”Mind your own business…That sentence was engraved into my mind…Today, although I try to do that and I am successful most of the time, I feel like I should be caring more than I do. TV always tries to put you on a guilt trip with the send money ads and the sympathy dripping commercials…..I half care at times but pretend I don’t. I care a lot at times but pretend I only half care. One of the reasons the news or commercials have no effect on me is because I really don’t care about what happens to other people in other towns or countries because I was taught not to. (They sell time to sponsors by having the most outrageous news) Its always about the money. The criminals and fools don’t realize that when they screw up or get caught someone makes money. It sure isn’t them….From there I get, its OK to mind my own business. Its like they have the problem and its up to me to learn by their bad experience not to do the same thing…Its just that there is so much going on. I guess when you get older and wiser you have a tendency to snub your nose at negative behavior or think, what an ass or he or she should have known better. At least that’s what I do and its OK to do that…….I have certain people that I will help and will go to any length to help them…To others, I will care somewhat but I will sit by and learn by your bad experience, not to put myself in the same position you are in…..There is so much insanity I won’t even pray for you…I need every prayer I can get……I’ve got to go now….Damn, Where did I put that bullet proof vest?