March 6th, 2010

"Broken CD"

      Yesterday went well. I went to the library to pay for that broken CD and guess what? The library lady said for me not to worry about it. Sometimes they break when its cold… I told her that I broke it while I was cleaning it. I was being honest. She said they would take care of it…At this point, I was going to write about being treated like I was a criminal and a library abuser at the Enfield Connecticut Public Library and what Director Henry Dutcher did to me when he said I broke a CD from a movie I borrowed. I didn’t break it. It was broken in the box. I had to pay a $45 dollar fine. I was so upset with the threat of my library card being blocked, I paid it and never went back to that library. I didn’t want to be accused of anything else…I won’t write about that though, its just not worth my time…This weekend its going to be 50 or 55 degrees. You know what that means….Lar, put some air in your bike tires because you are going for a ride….