March 5th, 2010

" Hell Day"

        Yesterday was the day from Hell…Nothing went right…It started early in the morning with my Sinus problems and I’m really getting tired of this stuffy nose. Then it was raining and I could feel that I was not in a good mood. You know that feeling? I was late for breakfast because of traffic. Then the rest of day went downhill from there. After breakfast I went to get some gas and the pump kept clicking off so I could only get 9 dollars worth. It has something to do with adjusting the pressure in the nozzle from the pump. I left before I did something or said something bad and hurt myself. I have no Book on CD to listen too so I went to the library. I have been listening to books for years so I have read many of them. In other words It took a while to find one, that just maybe I haven’t read. I was going to go somewhere else and do other things but did not want to subject other people to my bad mood and my, nothing is going right day. I actually came home to take myself off the streets before something happened. When I got home, like always I tried to clean disc one of a set of 6 and I broke it….OMG! I was astonished that all this stuff was happening. It was like something or someone was trying to test my limits and really piss me off. It worked but I didn‘t make a fool out of myself or hurt anyone’s feelings….. Today, I’ll go to the library and pay for that CD and get some gas….Its will be just the same crap, different day, only the Sun is trying to peek through those ugly gray clouds and I‘m in a better mood…I will be nice and start all over again…….Its 15 days till Spring and we change the clocks back, here in the Northeast on March 14 from Daylight savings time to Eastern standard time. Thank you GOD….