February 10th, 2010

"Uncomplicated and Uncontroversial"

So what do they name this stinking storm? Storm Barbara, can you freaking believe that….Now, all freaking day I’ll hear storm Barbara this, storm Barbara that…..WTF…..In case you don’t know, Barbara is my ex-girlfriend. We had a parting of the ways. Or is it way?…..Whatever it is we are not together, we broke up a few weeks ago because of "Personality differences"…..That’s a good thing but I really don’t want to be hearing about that storm all day…Actually, I’m kidding about all that but can you imagine if I was a resentful person how I would feel. I’m glad they named a storm that name, she doesn’t have that much going for her. It will give her Grandkids something to tease her about. I feel trapped here. Its almost like being a cat in a kennel…No pun intended Willie. Today will be a long day but there is plenty to do. Being a tidy and clean guy, more of a compulsive cleaner than anything else, I don’t have to spend the day cleaning or any other of the nasty things…Internet movies is a good idea. Its also good if you have a 26 inch TV that you use as a monitor. Thank God for that. Computer games is on the agenda also…Maybe I’ll try to move forward in Jewell Quest III. I’m up to level 9586.3 and I am stumped at how to get all the monkeys in the cage and finishing the level without releasing them. Thank God that’s all the problems I have. I started watching “The Time Travelers Wife” last night.. That is a really a good movie. Michelle Nolden does a great job and she is a beautiful young woman. I think she is suppose to get some kind of award for that. Well, she deserves it.…..I’ll finish watching that today. Lately, I have been leaning more toward science fiction shows and movies. ”Dollhouse”, Caprica, Avatar and the movie ’Moon” to mention a few. Maybe I’ll watch “From Paris with love” and “Nine”. The trouble is if I watch “Nine” I’ll fall in love with Penelope Cruz all over again…My God. that woman is a great actress. Did you notice I’m thanking God a lot today?…What’s up with that?….I think it falls into the category of counting my Blessings…That’s a another good thing…There will be no shocking revelations today. I have made my life as uncomplicated and uncontroversial as possible. I like standing on the sidelines and just watching. I am not in control of anything. I’m just going to blend into the boring mix of the “Trapped in the house people“ today. I have no complaints. After writing all this I’ve discovered I have no problems at all….If fact I’m a really happy guy. Thanks for being here….As the cop from the TV show, “Hill Street Blues” used to say, “Hey, one more thing, be careful out there guys”.