February 2nd, 2010

"Ring Fingers"

        Lately I have been starting to look at ring fingers and we all know what that means. I was hoping to wait till summer but you never know…. I’ve noticed that I have a friend who is sitting next to me a lot and giving me signals….The thing is, this summer I want to take a road trip which means bringing my bicycle on the back of the car……In fact I have started to prepare for this venture. At this moment I am deciding which direction to go. Willie? I’ve asked a woman who lives in my building to feed him when I go. Of coarse all this is contingent on the price of gas. In this area its about $2.79 per gallon. I just don’t like giving those people all that money…Today, guess where I am going? If you thought Dentist, you are right. Sooner or later this teeth stuff will be over and I can’t wait…Then, its get the Mustang ready for that trip….There is nothing wrong, its just a little mechanical work that its too cold for me to do….I have been thinking North to Cape Cod and then East toward the Great Lakes. Or even further East toward Montana and maybe further…Don’t ask me why I just I feel like I should …..I am thinking this will take maybe two weeks possibly three. Now, its first things first and I’m off to the Dentist…….I am getting really sick and tired of saying that…..
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