February 1st, 2010


       I got up late and its Monday and if you follow my almost boring life you know what happens on Monday. I went on Twitter last night. I have decided that if I do this I can’t make a habit of it. When there is no football I tend to do other things. I realized Twitter is a big chat room like in the days past and if you can get rid of the bots it can be interesting. The people I follow are still there and I was happy to see that. Especially one of my good friends from LJ. Its tied in with Facebook but that can be not so good. To me Facebook is kind of a rumor mill. I could really start some juicy stuff there. Who are these people that have mutual friends? No, the question is. Who are these mutual friends? Did so and so meet mutual in prison? Or did mutual get clicked on by someone who thought they were someone else. What if, is the question? These days, the internet is the most dangerous place to be when you give even the most, not so personal information and I notice the longer we visit these rooms the more trusting we get. Just read a few profiles and see for yourself. I don’t know what other people do and all this is just an observation because I’m always thinking, what if. I gotta go now but I want everyone to have a happy Monday and to try to stay out of trouble….
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