January 31st, 2010

"People that Pretend"

A drunken Rip Torn, the 78 year old actor broke into a bank by breaking the glass and climbing in the rear window. He was arrested in the Salisbury Connecticut bank with a loaded gun. He’s in jail today on a $100,000 bond, more than likely he has a huge hangover and is very remorseful .…Its obvious Mr. Torn is sick and has a drinking problem with visions of grandeur. He is living proof that actors and actresses are people just like us…We all get sick at times and do things we are ashamed of. So do these so-called famous people….We put them on a pedestal and praise them for the work they do……Believe me, they are only people that pretend to be someone else. Some do that job better than others. A lot of us do things better than other people yet we don’t get praise and accolades as they do and we really don’t need them. A few years ago on a cold night at 3 AM in freezing rain I kept the lights from shorting out on the main runway at Bradley International airport by holding in a relay with my hand in the main circuit panel, so a cargo liner could land… He landed and turned on to the taxiway and the lights went out. Talk about drama….. My award was a “Good job Lar“. I didn’t want anything else. It was things like that, that got me better jobs and put me where I am today….Remember, actors and actresses get sick, they die, they worry, they feel pain, in short they are human just like you and me…Too many awards leads to ego problems, drug abuse and visions of grandeur…..oops, that’s’ where I came in…..Gotta go…… Mr. Torn doesn’t need a smirk or joke. He needs a prayer….This is the second or third time for him. I hope he has reached his bottom and gets sober but he still is only an actor.....


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