January 29th, 2010

"The Truth"

         Connecticut this morning is like a really big block of ice and I have no plans for today except to stay warm…There are a lot of things on my mind but I’m feeling that I don’t want too be cynical about everything……The Leno, O’Brian fiasco. Would you believe 45 million dollars for a clown not to perform? Stand back and think about it....Yes, they are clowns without the make-up on their faces. Yet, there are seniors that can’t afford their medication…..The President and his pep talk…..When the price of gas and heating oil go up we will see how much the pep talk worked and who is really in charge of our economy?…..The fact that the economy is NOT better and the lies that are being told to put a band aid on the problem…The crimes and people hurting people is still getting worse. The Haiti issues and the people coming to this already overcrowded country....I won’t say anything about the war and the young men and women dieing in that Hell hole except I am so proud of them I could cry…I really shouldn’t mention the corruption and the morals of our so-called leaders in Washington and around this country except to say they are setting a wonderful example...…Of coarse there are the drug issues that are killing the kids and young people not to mention addiction is on the rise.... I must never get involved with the bonus’s and the undeserving people that get them with tax dollars….I am not going to say anything about the way Lawyers change the words to the rules and laws to fit the crimes and how they steal from the poor.....I will not mention that we live with the threat of a Terrorist attack every minute of the day..... Hey, I said all that without any name calling. Like I said I don’t want to be too cynical.
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