January 26th, 2010


       There is still something wrong with my tooth. I’ve got another appointment tomorrow so the dentist can consult with a surgeon. OMG, This is turning into something and I really don’t like what is going on…. I promise I won’t whine and complain very much but this is getting tedious and its odd when everybody there has this weird smile and calls you by your first name…That could be my paranoia and being somewhere I don’t want to be.

       The good news is the rest of the day went well. First I got a hair cut. I only say that because its been a long time and I really needed one. Then I was in the mood for looking in furniture stores where I found the bed (head board) I have been looking for, for 3 months…I have looked everywhere for the bookcase style and finally found one. I’m going to pick it up in a little while. I have been buying older style prints for my walls also and looking in used furniture stores and antique shops. The prints I found are done by local artist’s and are of seaside subjects. Lighthouse and ocean scenes are what I look for. In the afternoon it rained so hard it rattled the windows. There was no way I could walk on the beach…This morning all the snow is gone because of that rain….I also found the time to stop in a camera store where I had a nice young man explain how to make my digital camera do continuous shots. There are so many settings on this thing….I know but I’m just too lazy to figure it out myself. See, I told you, sometimes all you need to do is ask…..

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