January 17th, 2010


........Went out last night with friends but that’s not what this is about.....Did you know that I am noted for my “Quick broken relationship recovery“?….Not really, I just made that up….Last week when I went to the library and I was checking out a book on CD. I started talking to this rather attractive Librarian lady…. Don’t say it, don’t even think it. Yes, we did hit it off, whatever that means but I am no way over my last female friend….Well, that’s a little far fetched because now I am in the “Thinking stage“…That’s the stage when I wonder what it would be like to….Never mind….Oh, ok I’ll say it…Take her out to my favorite seafood restaurant for dinner. First, let me tell you about her…..She has a great sense of humor and that to me is very important…She dresses beautifully and I love the way she does her hair. Classy. Put together but not perfect, like she doesn’t need to work hard to look that way. I can tell those things. I just love a woman who will wear nice dresses or skirts. That’s outstanding. I tested her the other day when I told her I was thinking about her and how I was laughing for a week at something she said…She remembered that I was going to the dentist and bringing back a book because I didn’t like it. I did mention that earlier that day. I do take them out just see if it catches my interest and she knew where we standing and talking…I told her one of things she said and we started laughing all over again…It wasn’t what she said but how she said it.…I asked her a simple question about library hours. She answered it in the way young people talk today, with the emotional way that kids say certain things. She can imitate their posture and inflection perfectly. The best way to describe it. I would say, its in a valley girl way and you would never expect someone like her to do that….It was a very pleasant surprise…The dinner thing will probably never happen but I’m having fun with all wonderful thoughts I am having……I think I am over the past friend…..Who, where, what friend?…….
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